Kazutomo Suzuki



What I aim to express is “a proof of the existence of life”. I’m making works that you can be sure everything is there for you and can feel you are the part of the world through finding body temperature, breath, pulse or smells of others.

The components of my art are “interests in life and death”, “(a widely shared) dream”, “sensuality and tactile (arouse desires for existences and tie on dream and reality)”, “emotions of despair, loneliness and conflict, and sublimation of his reality, “love”, “ephemerality”, and “linkage and integrity”.

Brief History
1996 born in Aichi, Japan

2015 enter University of Tsukuba

2017 establish “the traveling entertainment troupe” LES WORLD

2020 start the career as an artist

Past Exhibitions
2021/03/03-07 Kyoto Kyocera Art Museum.(competition)

2021/04/19-26 session 2021|Ginza Art Point.(group)

Upcoming Exhibitions
2021/08/13 Saatchi Gallery, LONDON.

2021/08/16-22 FOLD Gallery, LONDON.

2021/11 TOKYO(coming soon)

2021/11/26-28 Brussels expo centre.(group)

2021/03 Sosho Mochida Awards, AIDS Achievement Award (Kyoto Kyocera Art Museum)